Intellectual Property Protection

As an e-commerce platform,Hacoo is committed to the protection of intellectual property, and obeys the law and other normative rules about intellectual property right. Meanwhile, Hacoo strives to provide an efficient, secure, and legal transaction environment for all parties on the platform, and will closely cooperate with intellectual property owners to fight infringement.

Hacoo's Intellectual property team actively monitors and seriously investigate any reports. Any infringement information, just feel free to send to this e-mail address: [email protected]


Definition of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are divided into three main categories:

  • Trademarks: Trademarks are distinctive signs that identify enterprises, goods, services, etc., and are expressed in the form of graphics, words, three-dimensional drawings, numbers, etc. Trademark rights, that is, the trademark registrant of its registered trademark enjoys the right to use, revenue and other rights protected by law to prohibit infringement by others.
  • Patents: There are three types of patents: invention, utility model and design. Patent rights refer to the legal rights enjoyed by the inventor or designer during the validity period of the patent rights granted by the State, including the prohibition of others from transferring, manufacturing, using, etc.
  • Writings: Expressions of works include literary works, images, music, drama, paintings, videos, computer software, etc. Copyright, or copyright, is the legal right of the creator to the work, including publication, attribution, etc.

Definition of infringement of others' intellectual property rights.

  • Listed goods improperly use other people's trademarks, writings or patents.
  • The publication of information about products that improperly use another person's trademark, book or patent, or are likely to cause confusion and misunderstanding.
  • The improper use of another person's trademark, book or patent for information on goods.

Who can Report infringement?

  • The IPR(Intellectual property rights) whistleblower must be the owner of the IPR, or can produce a power of attorney to prove that he/she is the agent entrusted by the IPR owner.
  • Any Hacoo user who thinks they may have purchased an item that is a counterfeit, suspected of being a reproduction.

How can I submit the report?

Customer service into the line ; Email sent to: [email protected], need to clearly provide product ID, reported product ID, original credentials.

Details and requirements for reporting information

  • Clarify the type and nature of the violation,For example, the use of unauthorised trademarks/writings/patents in product images/titles/commercial details pages, etc.
  • Details of the reported product ID Proof of originality
  • Trademark, copyright or patent registration number. Products allegedly counterfeit the original brand products, images or related links, etc.Original pictures reported need to provide original photos (RAW files or pictures with EXIF in JPG format) and, if necessary, shooting sets / creation contracts.For reports of trademark infringement, a trademark registration certificate consistent with the trademark of the reported goods is required.Patent infringement reports, need to provide within the validity of the patent registration certificate.
  • Proof of identity (Applied to certain report situations) such as the original photo ID card of the owner of the intellectual property rights or a copy of the ID card + signature.

Penalty rules

  • For Violated products: Hacoo will stop displaying products that violate intellectual property rights, trace the source of the products to the supplier, and take measures such as restricting, blacklisting, and suspending the supply relationship with the supplier that seriously violates intellectual property rights in bad faith.